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Subversion on FreeNAS

Like several other FreeNAS users I would like to run a Subversion server on my FreeNAS box. Sure, it is discouraged, but the alternative for me is to use an Internet-facing server or to keep a third machine running all the time. The FreeNAS box seems like the best choice.

The installation process is a bit involved as the embedded version of FreeNAS keeps the root file system in RAM. A standard installation will simply disappear after the first reboot.

Create a group and a user named svn through the web interface. Note that if you want to su to svn later on, a real shell is required, nologin will not work. Login to the Unix prompt and su to root. Create a directory on one of the mounted disks (not the root file system, which is a RAM disk!):

mkdir -p /mnt/data/apps/Subversion

Install the subversion package to the proper location:

setenv PKG_TMPDIR /mnt/data/apps/Subversion
pkg_add -r subversion -P /mnt/data/apps/Subversion

Include the dynamic libraries in the search path:

ldconfig -Rm /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/lib

Create a repository. Again the location must be on a mounted disk:

/mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/svnadmin create /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep

Configure the repository.

vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep/conf/svnserve.conf

Apart from comments this is an example:

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
realm = FreeNAS

Edit the password file (vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep/conf/passwd) and add users:

userid1 = password1
userid2 = password2

Create a start script for the Subversion daemon:

vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/start_svnserve.sh

The start script needs to include the Subversion libraries before it launches svnserve:

ldconfig -Rm /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/lib
su svn -c '/mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/svnserve -d 
  --listen-host=n.n.n.n -r /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep'

The svnserve command should use a single line, wrapped for readability. Without the listen-host option Subversion may use an IPv6 address. Use the option with your IPv4 address to get around that. Make the script executable:

chmod +x /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/start_svnserve.sh

Change ownership of all files properly:

cd /mnt/data/apps/Subversion
chown -R svn:svn svnrep

Test the script. If it works, add it as a PostInit start script (System/Advanced/Command scripts). Voila, FreeNAS is running Subversion!

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  1. Ben
    2011-08-19 at 22:12

    Hi Erik.
    Quick question: did you install the SVN on an embedded FreeNAS or a full version? I can’t find useful information anywhere only to find that SVN is only possible to install on a full FreeNAS. Your article doesn’t mention this surely but I have a feeling you did run it on an embedded version. A clarification would be appreciated

  2. 2011-08-20 at 09:13

    I used FreeNAS 0.7.1 (revision 5126) amd64-embedded, so yes the embedded version. It should work with the latest 0.7.2 release as well – I have upgraded and everything still works as it should. I haven’t tried FreeNAS 8 due to the significantly increased hardware requirements.

  3. 2011-09-30 at 11:13

    Why is this “discouraged”? I couldn’t find anything, neither official recommendations nor discouragement.

    Sure, they recommend against running svn off a network share – meaning the server on one machine, its files on another – due to the file locking semantics – but this doesn’t seem to be the case, you’re running svn on the FreeNAS machine, and it sees its discs directly, without a network layer.

    • 2011-09-30 at 18:11

      Well, I don’t have the links handy, but when I prepared for the installation I read several posts discouraging using FreeNAS as anything but a NAS. The point was that it might make the NAS less stable and that it would impact performance. Personally I don’t care, for a home or small office it is better to have a single machine that is always on. For a major corporation with money to spare I would use different servers. Still, my own setup has been rock stable since I replaced a broken network card some time ago. No downtime at all.

  4. 2011-11-14 at 01:10

    Interesting. With my 0.7.2 installation, the package installer cannot find SVN, and I haven’t found any way around that. The system is i386-embedded on AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+. Thwarted.

    • 2011-11-14 at 07:06

      I’m no FreeBSD expert, but you could try PACKAGESITE (point pkg_add to another repository for the installation) or portsnap. Good luck!

  5. Armin
    2011-11-18 at 19:49

    Hi Erik,
    thanks for your helpfull HowTo.
    All going well, but at the i can’t create a svn Projekt.
    I try it from an other host with
    svn list svn+ssh://svn@

    after that i get
    bash: svnserve: command not found.

    Or with a other question:
    How you checkin in SVN.

    • 2011-11-19 at 09:52

      Check the Subversion documentation at http://svnbook.red-bean.com, it covers everything. As for the svn command I don’t think you can use svn+ssh, at least not without additional configuration. Try regular svn (svn:// and see if that works. If not the online book should tell you what you need to do, though it might not work without additional packages in FreeNAS.

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