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Subversion on FreeNAS

Like several other FreeNAS users I would like to run a Subversion server on my FreeNAS box. Sure, it is discouraged, but the alternative for me is to use an Internet-facing server or to keep a third machine running all the time. The FreeNAS box seems like the best choice.

The installation process is a bit involved as the embedded version of FreeNAS keeps the root file system in RAM. A standard installation will simply disappear after the first reboot.

Create a group and a user named svn through the web interface. Note that if you want to su to svn later on, a real shell is required, nologin will not work. Login to the Unix prompt and su to root. Create a directory on one of the mounted disks (not the root file system, which is a RAM disk!):

mkdir -p /mnt/data/apps/Subversion

Install the subversion package to the proper location:

setenv PKG_TMPDIR /mnt/data/apps/Subversion
pkg_add -r subversion -P /mnt/data/apps/Subversion

Include the dynamic libraries in the search path:

ldconfig -Rm /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/lib

Create a repository. Again the location must be on a mounted disk:

/mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/svnadmin create /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep

Configure the repository.

vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep/conf/svnserve.conf

Apart from comments this is an example:

anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
realm = FreeNAS

Edit the password file (vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep/conf/passwd) and add users:

userid1 = password1
userid2 = password2

Create a start script for the Subversion daemon:

vi /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/

The start script needs to include the Subversion libraries before it launches svnserve:

ldconfig -Rm /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/lib
su svn -c '/mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/svnserve -d 
  --listen-host=n.n.n.n -r /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/svnrep'

The svnserve command should use a single line, wrapped for readability. Without the listen-host option Subversion may use an IPv6 address. Use the option with your IPv4 address to get around that. Make the script executable:

chmod +x /mnt/data/apps/Subversion/bin/

Change ownership of all files properly:

cd /mnt/data/apps/Subversion
chown -R svn:svn svnrep

Test the script. If it works, add it as a PostInit start script (System/Advanced/Command scripts). Voila, FreeNAS is running Subversion!

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