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Primefaces 4.0 fails with WAS 8.5.5

The latest community version of Primefaces (4.0) doesn’t work with the JSF version that is bundled with WebSphere AS 8.5.5. There are strange errors, for example some buttons are not rendered. To solve the problem, downgrade to Primefaces 3.5 or bundle another JSF implementation with the web application. We downgraded to 3.5 – problem solved.

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Collecting runtime dependencies with Maven

Maven greatly simplifies Java development as it keeps track of and downloads dependencies. This is great, but what to do when the application is about to be released? The jar files can be copied from the local repository manually, but that is a pain. A much better way is to let Maven collect them:


This copies all the transitive dependencies needed at runtime into the target/libs directory.

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JFokus 2014 highlights

JFokus is over for this year, but most sessions are available online (video is coming), including mine.

I particularly liked Navigating the Stream API, as I had already seen the Lambda talks at JavaOne. I also enjoyed Efficient HTTP Apis, covering HTTP/2. Third on my list comes HTML5/Rich Clients Using Java EE 7 by Reza Rahman. We share the same pragmatic and long-term attitude.

Overall it was great fun with many interesting sessions and discussions. Looking forward to next year!

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