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Performance Testing with a Raspberry Pi Wall running Java

This is the presentation for my session at JavaOne 2013, complete with footnotes.

At JavaOne I used the small travel wall with 6 Raspberry Pi units. A pity I couldn’t bring the full-scale wall with 48 units, but the small one was also quite popular with the crowd, both at JavaOne and on the streets in San Francisco. Many people and one mascot stopped me and wanted to know more about it.

Duke with travel wall

Duke with travel version of Raspberry Wall at JavaOne 2013

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Check out JBoss Forge for jump-starting Java EE projects

If you haven’t already, check out JBoss Forge. I attended a session at JavaOne where it was used to build a Java EE application with JPA database access, a REST interface and a JSF web interface in less than 50 minutes. Sure, the speaker used prepared scripts for many tasks, but even so it was impressive – like Rails but for Java. And there are no JBoss dependencies in the generated code.

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First day at JavaOne 2013

JavaOne 2013 is in full swing and I’m in the middle of it. As usual the days are crammed with sessions with little or no time for anything else (such as lunch – so thanks for the peanuts, OTN!).

My favourite Monday session was CON7859 (The Road to Lambda). It provided a good overview of the design underpinning the long awaited lambda language feature due in Java SE 8. The developers have really done a great job, adding the new feature with a natural syntax and without breaking existing code. I didn’t like inner classes when they were introduced, as they made the language more complex, but this time the change feels right. I can hardly wait for the final version to be available from OTN.

It was also quite interesting to see BOF7786, demonstrating how to create a supercomputer with Hazelcast, 48 Raspberry Pi units and lego. It overlaps CON4177, which I will present on Thursday, where we are using a wall with 48 Raspberry Pi units for load tests. Many similarities, but also some differences.

Hope to see you at JavaOne!

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