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Playing with Quarkus

It is vacation time, so why not try something new? I’ve been playing around with Quarkus a bit. It is incredibly cool to get native code from Java with blindingly fast startup times, but it makes me remember the old days with C++. Building the simple toy application in the getting started tutorial takes ages and the first few times it failed as the build ran out of memory. Increasing the memory reserved for Docker to 8G helped, but build times are still very long.

To get the startup times of C++ we are stuck with the build times of C++. Perhaps not surprising, but there it is.

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Terminal in docker exec a mess

Fairly recently the terminal for docker exec has started to misbehave. When I enter a running Wildfly container to view the logs the output becomes garbled with less, vi and other tools. It appears the reason is that the terminal size is not detected (#33794). The solution on Linux/Mac is to pass in the size:

docker exec -e COLUMNS="`tput cols`" -e LINES="`tput lines`" -it imagename

Unfortunately that doesn’t work on Windows. The mode command can provide the columns, but not the number of lines, which must be hard-coded.

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