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Take care with BTRFS

I have long been an avid fan of ZFS, but though I have been running it on Linux for quite some time I’m not ready to trust it there. The upgrades can be painfull. No lost data so far, but several temporary outages with down time. Perhaps BTRFS is ready for prime time? In short no. It seems very promising, but Red Hat still has reservations. I have tested it with non-essential data. The basics are there and there are many cool features, but when I started to use some of them the file system suddenly turned read only. Why? Tried again, several times. Finally found it – old and fixed bug, but the fix is in the 4.x kernels. Way ahead of Red Hat/CentOS 7.
Of course, a read-only file system is much better than a corrupted one, so that was good. Even so I’ll wait a few more years before I trust anything vital to BTRFS, just in case. Having said that the long-term promise is there, so in five years I bet my servers will be running on BTRFS (unless the ZFS on Linux story changes)!

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