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Tweaking Oracle B2B CONTRL

Oracle B2B supports EDIFACT and can of course generate CONTRL messages out of the box. However, by default in some versions a generated CONTRL message will not contain routing address or reverse routing address. These fields are also known as sub-addresses and are part of the interchange sender and recipient, as shown in the figure.

Interchange header with routing address in SpecBuilder

Interchange Header in SpecBuilder

For example, if an inbound message has the interchange sender 9990022:ZZ:XYZ the generated CONTRL contains 9990022:ZZ, both in the UNB and UCI segments. That is clearly a problem. Luckily it is easy to fix.

First of all set oracle.tip.adapter.b2b.edi.FAInternalProperties=true in $ORACLE_HOME/ip/config/tip.properties. Second, edit $ORACLE_HOME/ip/oem/edifecs/XEngine/config/AckCode-CONTRL.xml. Backup the original file and add:

<CodeList Name="InternalPropertyList">
 <Code Key="InterchangeReceiverID" Value="InterchangeSenderID"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeReceiverQual" Value="InterchangeSenderQual"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeSenderID" Value="InterchangeReceiverID"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeSenderQual" Value="InterchangeReceiverQual"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeSenderInternalID" Value="InterchangeSenderInternalID"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeReceiverInternalID" Value="InterchangeReceiverInternalID"/>
 <Code Key="GroupReceiverID" Value="GroupSenderID"/>
 <Code Key="GroupSenderID" Value="GroupReceiverID"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeReceiverAddress" Value="InterchangeSenderAddress"/>
 <Code Key="InterchangeSenderAddress" Value="InterchangeReceiverAddress"/>

The lines with InterchangeSenderInternalID and InterchangeReceiverInternalID will do the trick. Restart B2BServer and everything should work.

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