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VMWare networking disabled with McAfee

Our company recently switched from Norton to McAfee. I don’t know if it is the product itself or the corporate security policy it enforces, but since then the host-only and NAT networks in VMWare no longer work for me. I have tried everything without luck. The networks are listed as connected in Windows, but are not listed by ipconfig and the adapters are disabled and cannot be enabled in VMWare. Attempts to repair them fail with the message that TCP/IP is disabled for them, although it is not according to the registry and configuration screens. Very frustrating.

The bridged network still works, but it shuts down when there is no network cable attached. Not exactly optimal for a laptop.

Finally I have found a workaround if not a solution. VMWare recognizes Microsoft’s loopback adapter as a physical adapter that can be bridged. Simply install it, give it a fixed IP address and configure VMWare to use it. On the road the bridged loopback adapter is as good as the host-only networking option and when a real network (wired or wireless)  is available the loopback adapter can simply be disabled and the bridge reconfigured to the physical device. Some extra work to be sure, but it gets the job done.

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