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Configuring the Oracle FTP adapter for SFTP with ssh-dsa

The FTP adapter in Oracle SOA Suite ( supports secure transfers with SFTP. It supports both password authentication and public key authentication with rsa and dsa keys.  The documentation describes in detail how to setup public key authentication with ssh-rsa:

<config-property name="useSftp" value="true"/>
<config-property name="authenticationType" value="publickey"/>
<config-property name="preferredKeyExchangeAlgorithm" value="diffie-hellman-group1-sha1"/>
<config-property name="preferredCompressionAlgorithm" value="none"/>
<config-property name="preferredDataIntegrityAlgorithm" value="hmac-md5"/>
<config-property name="preferredPKIAlgorithm" value="ssh-rsa"/>
<config-property name="privateKeyFile" value="C:\my-secured-folder\id_rsa"/>
<config-property name="preferredCipherSuite" value="blowfish-cbc"/>
<config-property name="transportProvider" value="socket"/>

Unfortunately it is not quite so easy to use a dsa certificate. At first glance it should be enough to change preferredPKIAlgorithm to ssh-dsa and point privateKeyFile to a private dsa key, but that is not the case. The correct value for preferredPKIAlgorithm is ssh-dss:

<config-property name="preferredPKIAlgorithm" value="ssh-dss"/>

That is not what the documentation says, but it works. Naturally that may change in future patches, but for now there you are!

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  1. Mani
    2011-07-25 at 11:04

    Hi Erik
    This one is really helpful…Do u have any idea whether SFTP using FTP adapter works on Solaris or not.

    • 2011-07-25 at 13:56

      It should certainly work, though admittedly I have no personal experience using it on Solaris.

  2. Narendra
    2012-01-27 at 17:03

    Hi Erik,

    Could you please let me know the configuration details for FTP adapter in oracle 11g.

    Thank you in advance.


    • 2012-01-28 at 08:51

      So far most of our FTP integrations are still in 10g. Hopefully the documentation is correct this time around (check the adapter guide and the SOA Suite development guide), if not I have yet to discover the workarounds. I should be able to tell you in a few months. For now I’ll have to refer you to the official documentation and Oracle Support. Good luck!

  1. 2013-08-29 at 18:20

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